B2B Account-Based Marketing & Client Acquisition

B2B Account-based marketing (ABM) is an alternative B2B strategy that concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account.

With ABM, your marketing message is based on the specific attributes and needs of the account you’re targeting, hence the name account-based marketing.

Top 5 Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

  1. Clear ROI
  2. It's Personalized and Optimized
  3. Reduced Resource Waste
  4. Tracking Goals and Measurement is Clear
  5. Sales Alignment is Easier

Who uses Account Based Marketing?

Many companies, particularly those seeking to acquire specific high-value customers find that they are better served with an ABM strategy rather than taking a broad-reaching approach to their sales and marketing effort.

b2b account-based marketing

Customized, Result-Driven Solutions


Elite Marketing Solutions NC, ABM services are customized by client. And unlike some ABM providers, that are only able to target on an account level, we offer an integrated program that allows you to target both accounts and specific individuals within those accounts.

Custom ABM solutions will include some or all of the following:

  • Data – to be used for internal marketing efforts, inbound campaigns, and drip marketing
  • Behavioral & intent overlays – to score your existing account data
  • Content syndication/lead generation – targeting individuals at specific named accounts
  • Retargeting & audience extensions – Continue to reach the target audience across the Web
  • Organizational mapping & data research – human research efforts against specific accounts
  • Market research – dig deeper and gain more insights with a market research survey

While ABM is not a new way to strategically market to target accounts, now it is a scalable, achievable strategy that organizations of all sizes can implement to focus on whole lifecycle marketing for key accounts.

Marketing, selling to, and supporting your customers at an account-level is not only critical to your success, it’s what your customers expect.

Implementing an ABM strategy no longer means an astronomical investment but it does mean increased revenue, focus, and partnership within your organization.

We Position You For Growth

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