andrew macieira

Many people think B2B branding is just about a nice logo and a well designed website. Wrong! Copywriting on all marketing platforms (web, advertising, social media, brochures, etc.) conveys your company’s unique value proposition. Copywriting ensures that there is no mystery on what makes your firm different from the competition.

B2B without the boring jargon

An effective B2B website design can directly communicate a company’s core competencies and services and still be engaging, useful and even entertaining. We always say that Elite Marketing Solutions NC is a marketing agency that does web design — not a bunch of web designers trying to do marketing. A new website design is first and foremost, a branding platform–with the copy being just as important as the design in differentiating your company.


Writers who understand B2B

Unlike other agencies that have only one or two copywriters, Elite Marketing Solutions NC opts to have a network of marketing copywriters specializing in different industries. We select a copywriter that not only has experience with your industry but also is a stylistic match. The copy not only conveys your company’s unique value proposition, but also includes critical keywords to increase search engine rankings.

Our copywriters interview the experts in your business and truly get to know the personality of the organization. They ensure the company culture shines through every word to keep a consistent voice throughout the website, further solidifying your brand positioning.


B2B Content Marketing

With almost all B2B content marketing tactics, the underlying foundation is compelling copywriting. The copywriting helps set the tone for infographic design, white paper creation, blogging, email newsletters and social media marketing. Your firm can be pushing out content consistently, but if the copywriting does not use accurate industry terms or is grammatically incorrect, your content marketing efforts are in vain.